We may call them as, “Mughals” but the fact remains that Babur and his descendants were not Mughals, in fact Babur did not like to be addressed as, “Mughal”. Babur the founder of the so called “Mughal Dynasty” was actually a prince who descended from the lines of Timur and Chenghis Khan. He from his father’s side belonged to the line of


                As the auto crisscrossed the snaky Agra road, I was peeping out of the back seat, viewing with curiosity, the busy lanes of the city. In one locality the leather workers were busy making shoes, in the other, the laborers were carrying a whole cart load of ash gourd, to be converted into Agra’s most famous sweet, the petha. I and my wife were going to Agra fort station to

The Stranglers of India

                Roads in India weren’t much safe for travel during the 18th and 19thcentury, robbers and dacoits sniffed around for travelers, for loot and plunder. Each gang had their own set of norms and customs, and there were some special types of murderer cum robbers, called “Thuggees” who are the subject of today’s article. The Hindi word “thug” means “deceiver”, since their principal mode of operation was deceit. The word has