Indian Museum in Calcutta

In the last quarter of the eighteenth century when the British were busy expanding the horizons of their ‘Indian Colony’ right then some great scholars were indulged in studying the heritage of their new colony. Sir William Jones was one of the greatest scholars present in India at that time and he was envisioning of forming a Society which would study and investigate everything what is produced by Nature or


In those times a well travelled person was the most sought after man in the country. His publicity surpassed even the Queen or the King of the country. He would be invited in parties, probably entertained a private dinner with the King to discuss all that he saw and experienced in his journeys. Take the case of Vasco Da Gama for instance, his visit to India became a legend, told

Prithviraj Chauhan versus Mohammad of Ghor

History has its own heroes, whose story has survived the onslaught of time and become immortal. For hundreds of years their stories are told and retold again, and are passed down generations after generation.  The life of Historical heroes is shrouded in legend and folklore, which makes it difficult for writers and historians to represent their life and deeds based on real facts. In these circumstances the writer has to


                Like all great cities of the World, Calcutta has a history of its own, which can date back to time unknown, but for the sake of the topic we shall focus on the Company era when this city gained new momentum and became one of the greatest cities outside Europe. It is exciting to think how, a bunch of explorers and adventurers hailing from a distant island thousands of

The Stranglers of India

                Roads in India weren’t much safe for travel during the 18th and 19thcentury, robbers and dacoits sniffed around for travelers, for loot and plunder. Each gang had their own set of norms and customs, and there were some special types of murderer cum robbers, called “Thuggees” who are the subject of today’s article. The Hindi word “thug” means “deceiver”, since their principal mode of operation was deceit. The word has