In Conversation with Professor Peter Birkelund Andersen

 I am very pleased to have Dr. Peter Birkelund Andersen, Associate Professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies in the University of Copenhagen. Dr. Andersen’s main research themes are social changes and changes in religion and culture. In his four years research work in India, he spent a year in a Santhal village where he learned the Santhali language. In 2010 he was in the India Office Library

Seven Maharanis

We will touch a different topic today, and since we love history this will be a page from an almost forgotten chapter of Indian History. In the days of democracy, monarchy appears a closed and forgotten episode, it of course is, however we are not completely oblivious about the splendor connected with it. If this had been be the case, the palaces, gardens of the famous monarchs would be least visited place by tourists but that

Bangarh a medieval relic

Approximately 1.7 kilometres North-East of the Gangarampur Bridge over the Punarbhaba River lies the lost city of Devkot ,locally known as Bangarh. Bangarh, since it was traditionally regarded as the capital of the demon king Banasura. Francis Hamilton Buchanan was one of the first to understand the historical significance of the ruins of Bangarh. “The great number of stones in these ruins, and a vast many, have been removed by