Goodwill Message on 162nd Anniversary of Santal Hul 2017

Hul and the Scandinavian-Santal Legacy: The Glory and Irony of  History and Our Common Future Goodwill Message 162nd. Anniversary of Santal Hul (2017AD) By Prof. Tone Bleie, Head of Scandinavian-Santal Heritage Initiative (SSInherit) JOHAR FROM THE HIGH-NORTH AND SCANDINAVIA On behalf of the University of Tromsø, and the Scandinavian-Santal Heritage Initiative (SSInherit), I like to greet the organizers and participants of  the 162nd anniversary of Santal Hul Program. Introduction Let me briefly

In Conversation with Professor Peter Birkelund Andersen

 I am very pleased to have Dr. Peter Birkelund Andersen, Associate Professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies in the University of Copenhagen. Dr. Andersen’s main research themes are social changes and changes in religion and culture. In his four years research work in India, he spent a year in a Santhal village where he learned the Santhali language. In 2010 he was in the India Office Library

In Conversation with Dr. Daniel Rycroft

Dr. Rycroft, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this interview.  It is a great pleasure to talk to you especially on the 158th year of Santhal Rebellion. For over two decades through your research projects and personal interest you have associated with the Adivasis and closely observed their life and culture. You have also organized many International Conferences and Exhibition on the Adivasis. The exhibitions, documentary films,


A BRIEF HISTORY OF SANTAL HUL OF 1855 The Santal Hul of 1855 is a momentous event in the history of World. Looking back at the events which unfolded 162 years ago through a historical perspective, one can envisage that it was one of the rare occasions in human history where people considered as timid, ignorant, and savage took up arms against the mightiest Empire in history. The British Empire


It is difficult to portray a man, about whom we know very little, whatever information we have is unsystematic, unorganized and shrouded in mystery. Yet the hero of the Santhal Rebellion is an unrecognized towering figure in Indian history. This extraordinary character changed everything that was becoming so usual in India, the collapse of Empires, and Emperors, the downsizing of rulers and their estates, the forced austerity upon nobles and