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Figure 1 Sketch of Seedo immediately after arrest

The Santal Hul of 1855 is a momentous event in the history of World. Looking back at the events which unfolded 162 years ago through a historical perspective, one can envisage that it was one of the rare occasions in human history where people considered as timid, ignorant, and savage took up arms against the mightiest Empire in history. The British Empire in 1855 was a stunning display of imperialistic ambition, the Empire spread over five continents, with millions of subject under their dominion, was truly an Empire where the Sun never set.  Modern evaluation of the British Empire however reveal a different story, a story of slavery, brutal suppression, genocide, extermination, murder and organised loot. A high price of this brutal regime was paid by the indigenous people across the World. Forcefully evicted from the land of their ancestors, they were turned into tenants of their own lands. Santals suffered this injustice since the beginning of time; regular invasion of forces superior in military might turned the Santals into a migrating tribe. read more

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