Professor Tone Bleie Interview: The Bodding Symposium

Professor Bleie, I appreciate your time for the interview. TheBodding Symposium scheduled in first week of November is going to be a thrilling event for Santals living in all parts of the World. Before we go into that let us spare few minutes talking about the Scandinavian-Santal legacy, I am sure you have been a part of that legacy through your long association with Santhals. And from there on we would

The vanishing honey bees

DST-INSPIRE Fellow Ecology Research Unit, Department of Zoology &  Centre for Pollination Studies University of Calcutta  What is pollination? Pollination is a charming natural process of transferring pollens to stigma of flowers. Most importantly, it is THE principle reason behind crop production. This priceless ecosystem service provided by all pollinators is the reason behind food being served on our plates! Pesticides and honey bees Honey bees are an indispensable element of agriculture

Boorong Skies

________________________________________________________________ To the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, the night sky is of great significance. For the night sky could serve many purposes, some practical and some more spiritual in nature. Few of us today have the same connection that early cultures did to the wider environment around us. For example, most of us spend more time under roofs than outside. Even many keen astronomers probably don’t spend the same amount

Night Skies of the Noongar

Lecturer, Adelaide Planetarium, University of South Australia ____________________________________________________________ For thousands of years, Aboriginal Australians have watched the skies above. This fascination with the stars and the movement of the night sky extends to almost all indigenous cultures throughout the world. This allure and connection to the stars above has been fundamental in reaching a greater understanding of the universe in which we reside. And this basic need to be able

The Falling Skies

By Paul Curnow (B.ED) (September 2016) ASSA Vice President & Lecturer, Adelaide Planetarium, University of South Australia ————————————————————————— As a young child I remember sitting outside for long hours gazing at the sky during the summer evenings. I would sit there counting satellites and sometimes imagine what it would be like to travel in space. I would also get excited when I would see ‘falling stars’ or ‘shooting stars’, as