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Excerpt from the Introduction of Rev. Lars O Skrefsrud’s book- A Grammar o...

This is an excerpt from the Introduction of Rev. Lars O Skrefsrud’s book- A Grammar of the Santhal Language, published in 1873. Some spellings have been revised and rest unaltered. Find Rev. Skrefsrud’s brief biography at the end of the excerpt. SANTHALI is the language spoken by a people... read more »


A brief history of Rifle

Most scholars accept agree that gunpowder originated from China. The Chinese, it is said knew the use of gunpowder from the 800’s, and very soon put it into action in the form of rockets, bombs, mines, grenades and so on. The basis for the China origin theory is the discovery of guns in the... read more »



  SAVE ADIVASIS PHOTO CAMPAIGN! A picture is worth a thousand words Dear All, We are aware that Adivasis in India live in abject poverty, in inhospitable conditions, suffering from the need of medical and Administrative assistance. In many villages in many states the Adivasis do not get a... read more »


Population distribution map of Santals

We have developed this Map of Santal Population distribution in the Eastern Part of Indian Subcontinent. We have incorporated Santal population data of more than 100 districts, from the Santal predominated states of West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Tripura, Assam and Bihar also we have included... read more »

Selected Pieces


Playing games and learning Military History (Part I)

At the beginning of this write-up I would like to make it clear-although many are interested in playing computer or mobile games not all are after combat games. I think this has something to do with one’s personal inclination or interest so to say. And I was, and... read more »


India enters Mars Orbit

India created history early morning today, as it’s beloved Mars Orbiter entered the orbit of the Mars.  The space probe about the size of a car completed its maiden mission after a journey of 300 days covering more than 670 million kilometres. It was scheduled to... read more »


The strange case of Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes the guardsman at Buckingham Palace has invited trouble for himself by playing a harmless prank by his hilarious patrolling. Patrolling is a very boring duty no doubt, and that too in front of hundreds of people waiting to be amused by the sight of... read more »


Murshidabad History Quiz

Take this quiz to evaluate your knowledge on the history of Murshidabad district. There are 15 questions and 7 minutes for you to answer all 15. As you finish one question press the next button to get the next question. Please also send us your suggestions and... read more »


QS Ranking 2014/15

The QS Ranking for top Universities across the World has been released, and we will take a look at the positions of our Universities. India opens its account from 222 position,( in overall ranking)  IIT Bombay is at the top followed closely by other IIT’s.... read more »

Heritage Focus

  • Chateau fort enfants

    Have you already spent “a night in history”?

    The kind of place where you wake up thinking you have slipped back into another era? Ensconced in the heart of a building brimming with the almost palpable emotions of a... read more »

  • richard

    Richard Attenborough a career in photos.

    Caption:Tim (played by Richard Attenborough) and Anne Marten (played by Joan Gates) performing the Gobble Duet in a scene from moral domestic drama ‘Maria... read more »

  • 453487552

    Updates on Crisis in Iraq

    ‘As you know, according to multiple news reports, ISIS has committed massive human rights abuses during its campaign in Iraq, killing at least 500 Yazidi men, women and... read more »

  • 92327244

    Calcutta in the time of the British Raj

    Here is a collection of photographs of Calcutta during the time of British Raj. #3287697 / gettyimages.com #85139218 / gettyimages.com Bridge over the River Hooghly,... read more »

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Theatre under a blanket

... read more »

A Buddhist prays as people lay flowers and light candles in front of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev on July 18, 2014, GETTY IMAGES

Latest Updates on Malaysian Airplane crash, the blame gamers and ...

The President of Ukraine Mr. Petro Poroshenko has released a press statement, “Today the war has overspilled from the territory of Ukraine. Over the past months Ukraine was... read more »


Images from crash site in Ukraine

Here are some pics from the crash site in Eastern Ukraine, following a deadly aircrash killing more than 295 people. #452293120 / gettyimages.com Debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight... read more »

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Stringed Instruments from India, Exhibition in Rietberg Museum

The Rietberg Museum is a museum in Zürich, Switzerland, displaying Asian, African, American and Oceanian art. It is the only art museum of non-European cultures in Switzerland, the... read more »


International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

Today 9th August is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, it was first proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 1994, to be celebrated every year during the... read more »


The Door to the Milky Way

 Article by Mr. Paul Curnow.Paul is the Publicity Officer for the Astronomical Society of South Australia and a former council member of the Field Geology Club of South Australia. He... read more »




Mars Orbiter Mission to enter Mars Orbit

India’s one of the most ambitious projects- Mars Orbiter Mission, the unmanned probe carrying the weight of a billion people is ready to enter the final scene. On 24th September the... read more »



Photo Story contributed by Amoghavarsha, republished from the original article (click here), find bio below. Along the south-western coast of India lies the western ghats mountain range.... read more »


Say Goodbye to your Mouse!

In February, 2013 Waterloo-based startup Thalmic Labs announced the launch of their revolutionary gesture controldevice, MYO, an armband worn on the forearm that senses electrical... read more »

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Mythology and History Quiz 728 total views, no views today Tweet... read more »


Photo Quiz 2

Time for the second installment of quiz!! As always you may ask for hints specifying the question.Photo Quiz 1: Connect all these actors by the name of another legendary actor: Photo... read more »

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Quiz part1

I want to start a quiz contest from now on, may be I can put some questions for you to answer. You may always drop your answers in the comment box, when you do so please specify the... read more »

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Kalam 2

Swat valley – a perspective

Photo article by Salman Saif Swat valley is one of the most attractive & fascinating destination located in Pakistan’s northern State of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The valley is filled... read more »




The Mother and her Calcutta

The news of her arrival had spread like a wildfire in the beautiful town of  Berhampore. I was riding on my father’s bicycle going somewhere, to our surprise ‘Mother’... read more »



Child Che: One little step for this kid and a giant step towards Revolution! Che with Rugby players “(Che Guevara)Born a chronic asthmatic in Buenos Aires, his... read more »


Noor Inayat Khan

Noor Inayat Khan, codename- Madeleine source-wikipedia                 The role of women in the Second World War is generally in shade when the glories of men... read more »

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What Have We Become?

Yahuda Shaul served as an infantry combat soldier and commander in the IDF, and is a founding member of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli NGO of veteran combatants who through published... read more »


The Times of Intelorance

We are not sure how a problem running since antiquity will be solved by another disastrous war. Why do we always give a War a chance? The most depression pictures of the... read more »


Hot Debate on Gaza attack.

We have been getting very disturbing pictures (like the one below) from Gaza . And we want to know the background behind this conflict and is there end to this enmity between Israel and... read more »

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Embed Getty Images

If you are seriously looking for suitable photos,pictures around the web to go with your article, but the royalty and copyright issues are killing you, here is a big solution for that.... read more »


The easiest way to embed flash files in WordPress.

  Yes we gonna make it simpler, faster and hassle free, so you don’t have to bang your head against the wall. WordPress does not allow flash files, so you can’t upload them as a... read more »


Making your own Google Map

Making your own Google map, according to your own requirements is not very difficult thing to do. You just need to learn some of these before you create own, and actually it can be used... read more »

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India and China

As the Chinese President Xi Jinping is set for a three days trip to India, speculations are arising about the talks to be held between the India Prime Minister and the former. The two... read more »

jPiAIdc78diane pic

Culture, religion and open defecation in rural north India.

Diane Coffey  is Ph.D. Candidate in Public Affairs and Demography at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and a visiting researcher at the Delhi School of Economics.  She... read more »


Improving children’s learning: Challenges and priorities for the ...

Rukmini Banerji is with Pratham and heads ASER Centre. She is a member of the national leadership team of the organization. Until recently, she was responsible for Pratham’s... read more »

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Peruvian Amazonian forest reveals undiscovered Inca cities.

Article By- Thierry Jamin , French explorer and historian known for his research about Paititi and the presence of the Incas and pre-Inca civilization in the Amazonian rain... read more »


Kalighat Hoard: The First Hoard From India by Susmita Basu Majumd...

Title of the book : Kalighat Hoard: The First Hoard From India Author: Susmita Basu Majumdar About the Author: Susmita Basu Majumdar was educated in Bhilai and Graduated from Kolkata. She... read more »



We will touch a different topic today, and since we love history this will be a page from an almost forgotten chapter of Indian History. In the days of democracy, monarchy appears a... read more »

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Thames21 is one of London, England’s leading waterway charities. We work with volunteers all across London working to improve and enhance our waterways for the benefit of wildlife and... read more »

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An open letter against Israeli military action in Gaza

We are doctors and scientists, who spend our lives developing means to care and protect health and lives. We are also informed people; we teach the ethics of our professions, together... read more »



‘The enemy has started the fight but it is we who will fire the last shot and war will end in our terms’. File Photo: Indian Chief Of Army Staff, V.P. Malik During A Press... read more »

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If you are Israel, tell us what you think of the War. Do you think that the war is justified? Please tell us your stories, and your experience in this time of difficulty. Please login... read more »

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